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Hypovitaminosis is a deficiency in the body of a certain vitamin, when its concentration is lower than the declared normal limit. The symptoms of this pathology, which manifest themselves in patients, are confirmed by appropriate laboratory diagnostics. To get rid of this condition, in most cases it will be necessary to normalize the diet by including a large number of foods that contain this deficient element.

Less often, the symptoms of hypovitaminosis are manifested in violations in the processes of indocin and absorption of food, occurring due to some chronic and acute pathologies of the digestive system. Also, the cause of the problem can be helminthic invasions.

Sometimes hypovitaminosis is a consequence of long-term and unsystematic intake of certain drugs, for example, antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis, and sulfanilamide drugs. It should also be borne in mind the fact that with significant mental and physical work, as well as with hypothermia and overheating of the body, it needs more of these substances. The same can be said about the period of pregnancy and lactation in women. Their diet should contain all the necessary vitamins in excess of the norm.

The causes of hypovitaminosis sometimes become malfunctions in the intestines, liver and other organs. This disease can occur even with a sufficient amount of nutrients in the dishes consumed by a person. Pathology in this case becomes the result of disorders that occur in the processes of digestion and absorption of fats. For example, with a decrease in the flow of bile into the intestines.

Hypovitaminosis is a pathology that occurs with liver diseases. The ailments of this organ lead to buy indomethacin online decrease in the supply of the body with vitamins such as A, K and D. Also, liver diseases provoke malfunctions in the exchange of the PP element and some others.

The main manifestations of hypovitaminosis occur due to causes that are conditionally divided into 4 groups. The lack of some valuable elements for the body can be judged in the presence of one or more of the signs described below. Hypovitaminosis in infants leads to excessive sweating of infants (hyperhidrosis), as well as to the formation of bald spots or bald patches in the scalp. In addition, in babies with this pathology, there are disturbances in growth and development, as well as in teething. Their skin behind the ears may become covered with brown, dry crusts.

The consequences of hypovitaminosis can cause the development of some specific pathologies. So, with a lack of PP and certain types of indocin pills, a child may develop pellagra. This is a disease whose symptoms are both dermatitis, diarrhea and dementia, that is, clouding of consciousness. In addition, signs of pellagra are sometimes baldness and photodermatosis, as well as other skin pathologies. In this case, the child has weakness and insomnia, increased aggressiveness, loss of sensitivity, or complete paralysis of peripheral nerves and limbs.